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Saturday, Apr 17th

🚨🚨🚨Frozen Alert 🚨🚨🚨 Don’t forget about our frozen flights! We got brand new machines so we are welcoming back our boozy pina colada! 🥥🥥🥥 In the flight: -Sangria & Marg Swirl -Mango Chamoy Marg -Strawberry Marg -Pina Colada #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Friday, Apr 16th

Music Under The Skull 7-10 Friday: Bit o’ The Box Saturday: Acoustic Hash #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Saturday, Apr 3rd

🌮Saturday Special🌮 -Chicken Parm Taco Two different ways! Fried chicken, pasta, marinara, 3 fire stick balls topped with Parmesan cheese OR Fried chicken shell with pasta, marinara, 3 fire stick balls topped with Parmesan cheese #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Friday, Apr 2nd

⚾️⚾️Opening Day⚾️⚾️ We will be teaming up with our sister restaurant @greasemonkeyarlington with shuttles this year! We have happy hour all day Monday! Let’s go Rangers! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Monday, Mar 29th

🚨🚨🚨 We will be closed today to do some deep cleaning in the restaurant! We will open again tomorrow with normal hours. Thank you guys for always supporting us! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Friday, Mar 26th

🎶Music Under The Skull🎶 Friday: Don Pendley Saturday: Rocky Lott 7-10 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion #MusicUnderTheSkull

Wednesday, Mar 24th

🛑WE’RE HIRING!🛑 We are looking for a full time manager! *Hourly paid Manager Position *Majority Night Shifts *Additional Income Opportunities Available *Opportunity for Advancement Come join our team! Applications available at the restaurant! ☺️

Sunday, Mar 21st

🚨NEW FROZEN🚨 We’re trying something new & delicious for the nicer weather! Mango margarita with chamoy & tajin 🥭 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Saturday, Mar 20th

🌮Saturday Special🌮 -Cargadas Fries 🍟🍟 French fries loaded style with fajita beef, pico de gallo, queso, avocado aioli & sour cream #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Friday, Mar 19th

🎶Music Under The Skull🎶 Friday: Bit o’ The Box Saturday: Larry LaDale 7-10 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion #MusicUnderTheSkull

Friday, Mar 12th

🎤🎤LIVE MUSIC!🎤🎤 8-11pm Friday: Hankins Band Saturday: Acoustic Hash #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #DowntownArlington

Thursday, Mar 11th

Repost from @legaldraftbeer • THIS THURSDAY, March 11 come out and enjoy a great night full of amazing vendors, live music, great food and drinks, and enjoy a safe, fun-filled evening outside! Market is 4-8PM

Saturday, Mar 6th

🌮Saturday Special🌮 Teriyaki Taco White rice, teriyaki beef, carrots, chives, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and sliced jalapeño 🔥 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion

Friday, Mar 5th

🎶Music Under The Skull🎶 Friday: Patrick Pombuena Saturday: Devin Leigh 7-10 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion #MusicUnderTheSkull

Saturday, Feb 27th

🌮Saturday Special🌮 -Fried Shrimp Taco 🍤 Cilantro Lime Rice, Bourbon Bacon, Grilled Anaheim Peppers, 3 Fried Shrimp tossed in our Cartel Butter and topped with a Chipotle Crema #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Thursday, Feb 25th

🎶Music Under The Skull🎶 Friday: Don Pendley Saturday: Rocky Lott 7-10 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion #MusicUnderTheSkull

Monday, Feb 22nd

It’s National Margarita Day! Great weather + Margs 😍😍😍 $3 Frozen Margaritas $4 Rocks Margaritas $6 Jalapeño Business $9 Margarita Flight #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Saturday, Feb 20th

We are OPEN! Full hours & menu! ❤️🌮❤️🌮 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Wednesday, Feb 17th

Due to our water being off— we will be closed until further notice. Hopefully Friday or Saturday! We will keep you guys updated. If you guys have to get out, please be safe! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Tuesday, Feb 16th

We are CLOSED tomorrow 2/17/2021. PLEASE be safe if you must travel. Will keep you guys updated