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Friday, Apr 3rd

Curbside Cocktails @ Cartel We are now able to make some of our signature cocktails Togo! Margs $6 Margs with Grand Marnier $10 Pablo Paloma $12 (makes 3 drinks) Jackass $12 (makes 3 drinks) Tequila Sunrise $12 (makes 3 drinks) Jose Cuervo $10 (200ml) Domestic Beers $3 House Wines $12 per bottle MUST PURCHASE FOOD! #CartelTacoBar #CurbsideAtCartel #MyUrbanUnion

Wednesday, Apr 1st

Check out our weekly specials! Also today is college night! Come by between 4-7 and get $1 beef or chicken fajita street tacos $2 bottled beers & $15 bottles of wine #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Monday, Mar 30th

NEW HOURS We are changing up our hours a little bit- here are the changes Monday: 11am-4pm Tuesday: CLOSED Wednesday: 11am-8pm Thursday: 11am-8pm Friday & Saturday: 11am-9pm Sunday: 11am-8pm #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Saturday, Mar 28th

20% off all appetizers all day long! $16/$26 Taco Boxes $2 bottled beers & $15 bottles of wine Starting on Monday we can do Margs Togo! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Friday, Mar 27th

🌮Curbside @ Cartel🌮 STARTING TOMORROW! Build your own Taco Box includes: -Choice of Meat •Fajita Beef or Chicken •Rotisserie Chicken •Barbacoa •Pulled Pork -Choice of 2 sides •Bourbon Bacon Beans •Smoked 5-Pepper Mac n Cheese •Mexican Rice •Cilantro Lime Rice •Jalapeño Corn Salsa •Refried Beans -Chips & your choice of red or green salsa -Limes, Taco Sauce, & toppings on the side 4 Tacos (1 choice of 8oz of Meat): $18 8 Tacos (2 choices of 16oz of Meat): $26 Stay Tuned tomorrow for Cocktails Togo!! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion

Monday, Mar 23rd

🌮🌮🌮 -ANY 2 specialty tacos with your choice of an 8oz side for only $9.50 plus tax! Come see us! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion

Sunday, Mar 22nd

MIMOSAS TOGO! -Check out our deals for today! Come place an order for take out or call in for curbside! -Breakfast Tacos- Retried beans, your choice of meat, shredded cheese, poblano topped with a fried egg #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion

Saturday, Mar 21st

With purchase of food, get some liquor to keep you sane during this quarantine! 🥃 Jack + 1 can of soda -> $10 Malibu + 1 can of soda -> $10 Jameson + 1 can of soda -> $15 All liquors are 375ml! Half a normal bottle. Sodas are Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite #CartelTacoBar #WhileSuppliesLast

Saturday, Mar 21st

🌮Cartel Special🌮 -Check out our deals for today! Come place an order for take out or call in for curbside! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion

Friday, Mar 20th

🌮Cartel Special🌮 -Get either our sautéed shrimp Bowl or our fried shrimp cartel togo for just $6 a piece! 😋 -$1 beef or chicken street tacos! -$5 bottles of house wine (Chardonnay, Cabernet, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc) #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion #CurbSide #SupportLocal

Thursday, Mar 19th

Details about what we’re doing! -Curb Side To-Go (Call in at 817-200-6364) UberEats/Doordash Caterings over $100 Deliveries over $50 in a 2 mile radius Deals on Gift cards! Buy a $25 gift card for $20, a $50 gift card for $40 or a $100 gift card for $80! They don’t expire! Thank you all so much for your continued support for all the local restaurants in Arlington! #CartelTacoBar

Tuesday, Mar 17th

Thank you all for the support the last few days. In response to concerns and based on the requirements in FTW we have decided to be proactive for our customers. We have reconfigured our dining areas limiting the occupancy to decrease volume and create space. We also have lots of outdoor seating and will continue with Uber Eats and Curbside deliveries. Thank you again for all of the support of our restaurant and other local small businesses. Please see our social media playforms for constant updates. 817-200-6364 #CartelTacoBar

Monday, Mar 16th

Car Side Pick-Up! Starting today, call in your Togo food, park near our entrance and we will run the food out to you! 10% all regular food items $1 beef or chicken street tacos Thank you for supporting us during this time. 817-200-6364 #CartelTacoBar

Friday, Mar 13th

Good afternoon, We cannot express how much we appreciate all of the guests who continue to come and support both restaurants! With the craziness of the coronavirus, we wanted to assure you guys that we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our establishments as clean and sanitized as possible. Hand washing, glove-wearing, and excess cleaning of both of our restaurants is the main focus. Upon your request, we can provide your meal or cocktail on disposable plates and in plastic cups. Starting Monday, we will also offer car pickup for call in orders! And of course we still actively use UberEats. We love being a small local business with amazing local music playing every weekend. In saying that, we will keep supporting the local artists and will not cancel any upcoming events! We could not do any of this without your continuous support. Cheers! #GetGreasy #GreaseMonkeyArlington #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #DowntownArlington

Monday, Mar 9th

🌮WEEKLY COMBO SPECIAL! 🌮 Monday-Friday ALL DAY! We will be changing our daily combo every Monday! This week is the pulled pork! 🔥 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Friday, Mar 6th

🎶Music Under The Skull🎶 Friday: T-Bone & Jughead (7-10) Saturday: Kyle Redd (7-10) 🎼🎤🎼🎤🎼 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion #MusicUnderTheSkull

Monday, Mar 2nd

🌮WEEKLY COMBO SPECIAL! 🌮 Monday-Friday ALL DAY! We will be changing our daily combo every Monday! This week is the barbacoa! 🔥 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Saturday, Feb 29th

🌮Cartel Saturday Special🌮 -Paul’s Fried Crawfish Taco topped with a peanut butter poblano Cajun gravy with cilantro lime rice 😋 #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #UrbanUnion #PaulSpecial

Tuesday, Feb 25th

🌮WEEKLY COMBO SPECIAL! 🌮 Monday-Friday ALL DAY! We will be changing our daily combo every Monday! This week is the blackened chicken! #CartelTacoBar #CTBinArlington #MyUrbanUnion

Sunday, Feb 23rd

🔹🔹Paul Sunday Special!🔹🔹 -Smoked Pork Wings with your choice of sauce! Served with Parmesan dill potato chips -Paul’s Almost Famous Corned Beef Sandwich served with Parmesan dill potato chips #GreaseMonkeyArlington #GetGreasy #PaulSpecial #WhileTheyLast